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We build steam turbines for industrial applications From 5 up to approx. 100 MW.

Live steam:Pressure up to 140 bar

Temperature of saturated steam up to 540 °C

Technology: Multi-stage reaction turbines with impulse wheel as control stage at the turbine entry and after controlled extractions.

Bleedings and / or controlled extractions can be arranged in all cases. This technology is used both for back pressure and for condensing turbines.

Range approx. 5 to 40 MW

  • Turbine is connected to the generator via a gearbox
  • Design in 4 sizes (up to approx. 40 MW)
  • The turbine is fully assembled with the gearbox on a joint base frame

Range approx. 30 to 100 MW

  • Partially standardised
  • Delivered unassembled in transport units
  • Design with exhaust steam to the bottom or axial outlet (mostly in combined gas and steam turbine plants)
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