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AspenTech is the world's leading supplier of software that optimizes process manufacturing.

With integrated aspenONE solutions, process manufacturers can implement best practices for optimizing their engineering, manufacturing, and supply chains.  As a result, AspenTech customers are better able to achieve their operational excellence goals — increasing capacity, improving margins, reducing costs, and becoming more energy efficient.

Today, aspenONE solutions are used by virtually every leading company in the process manufacturing industry.  Over 100,000 users at over 1,500 companies have come to rely on us to achieve superior financial and operating results.

Over 30 years of AspenTech leadership and experience is built into our market-leading aspenONE software solutions.  aspenONE software represents best practices for process optimization.  It redefines ease-of-use in software for the process industries.  It makes operational excellence achievable and — even in the face of today's market challenges — easier than you think.

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IPAS Intometic GmbH specializes on Turbine automation & Controls and provide services in the areas of:

Engineering: Entire design based on your P&I diagrams, measuring points and electrical consumer lists.

Process engineering: Entire process engineering including preparation of all necessary documentation (P&I diagrams, lists, and so on ) according to our customers needs.

Controls: State of the art process control and instrumentation like Siemens PCS 7, Siemens S7, and ABB Freelance. In addition we combine SCADA Systems like WIN CC with Siemens or Mitsubishi SPS’s.

Field instrumentation: Preparation of field instrument specifications, taking into account specific customer needs in its manufacturing.

Control and butterfly valves: Calculation, design and delivery of state of the art electrically controlled control and butterfly valves.

Control cubicle: High quality MSR- and NS control cubilcles.

Installation and commissioning: MSR- and NS-assembly, cable routing extensions, cabling and commissioning round out our comprehensive service.

Documentation: Documentation with the most modern CAD-Tools, and is well received by our customers. After successful commissioning and hand-over to the customer, all documentation is updated accordingly and provided in the customers language of choice, normally English.

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